Originally published October 2020; Updated September 2023

As the seasons change, the air becomes crisp, and the days get shorter, we all start to spend more time indoors. 

In the summer, we get used to using our yards, decks, and patios as extensions of our homes. But as we move more of our activities inside in the fall and winter, things can start to feel a little cramped. 

Does this sound familiar?

If so, it may be time to think about building a four season room onto your home. And if having extra space doesn’t convince you, read on to learn some of the top reasons to add a four season room to your home.

What Is a Four Season Room?

While people commonly refer to a four season room as a sunroom or an enclosed porch, they’re a little different. 

A four season room is similar to a sunroom or enclosed porch, but it’s enclosed with glass rather than screens. It’s also insulated and heated, offering year-round protection from the elements. As such, a four season room is a true extension of your home.

Another type of room that four season rooms are often confused with are three season rooms. As the name suggests, a three season room is comfortable for most of the year, but is still more weather-dependent than a four season room.

If you’re looking for a way to bring the outside in and enjoy views of nature all year long, a four season room is the way to go.

Top 5 Reasons To Add a Four Season Room to Your Home

1. Year-Round Enjoyment

Unlike a sunroom or enclosed porch, a four season room is insulated and heated (and cooled, if you have central A/C), offering you the chance to enjoy panoramic views year round, no matter the weather. 

It’s the best way to enjoy nature and the changing of the seasons along with all the comforts of being indoors (and no bugs!). Especially in our northern climate, you can get much more use out of a four season room than a sunroom or enclosed porch. 

Also, if you already have a sunroom or porch, you can upgrade to a four season room! Contact us to talk about what that would look like.

2. Create an Outdoor Oasis…Indoors!

While there are many ways to use your four season room, creating an outdoor oasis indoors is certainly one of the dreamiest options. Think a greenhouse-like atmosphere with comfortable places to lounge in the sunbeams while you sip your favorite beverage. 

With the abundance of natural light coming through the many windows, a four season room is the perfect place for plants to grow. If you miss the joys of gardening in the winter, a four season room could give you a taste of your favorite hobby all year long. Or maybe you love to stargaze? Add a skylight and watch the stars!

Even during the warmer months, a four season room is a great backup for outdoor gatherings when inclement weather hits (or when it’s too buggy to comfortably enjoy yourself outdoors). If rain is threatening your summer picnic, move it indoors and watch the storm from the comfort of your beautiful four season room!

3. Natural Light Exposure

Natural light is extremely important for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. In our northern climate, most of us don’t get enough natural light — especially in the winter. 

The “winter blues” or SAD (seasonal affective disorder) can cause moodiness, a lack of energy, and a general sense of malaise during the colder months, and is caused in large part by a lack of natural light. A four season room can help you soak in more of that much-needed light to help fight the effects of SAD and improve your physical and mental health.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding a four season room can not only be a delight to enjoy all year long, but it can also increase the value of your home when you sell. Four season rooms are a draw to potential buyers for the same reasons homeowners enjoy them — they improve your quality of life and your enjoyment of your home. 

Plus, unlike a sunroom or porch, an insulated and heated four season room increases the livable square footage in your home. Adding insulated glass or other efficiency-boosting materials will increase the cost-effectiveness of your room, making it even more attractive to prospective buyers.

5. Endless Options

As we’ve mentioned, a four season room extends your living space. But the way you use this space is up to you, and there are a multitude of options. 

Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Hobbies
  • Dining area 
  • Home office or homeschool room 
  • Guest room
  • Reading room
  • Family gatherings
  • TV room (think family movie nights while the snow falls!)
  • Quiet sanctuary for bird watching
  • Music room
  • Exercise room

Or anything else you can think of. Truly, the sky’s the limit! However you choose to use your four season room, we know it will provide years of enjoyment for your family. 

Start Planning Your New Four Season Room Now!

If a four season room sounds like a great fit for your home, now is the time to start planning. The Outdoor Solutions team can meet with you this winter to design your porch, then save you a spot on our calendar for a build starting in the spring. (Our spring schedule fills up fast, so don’t wait to contact us!)

A little planning now will have you enjoying your new four season porch during next year’s summer thunderstorms, beautiful fall colors, and cozy winter evenings. Do your future self a favor and give us a call at 952.440.4791 to get started.