Patio and pool decks may be fabulous year-round in Florida, but in Minnesota, most patios are hidden under snow several months of the year. For enjoying a view of the outdoors all year, a four-season porch is the best option in our Minnesota climate. There are many different types of porches, but an enclosed, insulated porch can be used during all four seasons, making it a valuable addition to your home. Here are some of the advantages of a four-season porch. 


Added Living Space

Unlike a deck or patio, an enclosed porch can be considered part of the square footage of your home. When it is insulated and climate-controlled, it adds more living space and value to your home. A porch addition can be used as an extra family room, office or even a guest room. 


Indoor/Outdoor Access

A four-season porch is usually designed with wrap-around window views on three sides, giving you a great view of the outdoors. Plus, you can add a door for outdoor access. During the warm months, you can open the windows for a nice breeze through your porch while having screens in place to keep out the bugs. During the winter, you can still enjoy your outdoor view while staying cozy and warm inside. 


Add On Anywhere

A porch can be added on to your home anywhere. It can be a first- or second-story room addition, or you can enclose an existing deck. It does not necessarily need to match your home’s exterior – many homeowners have added a four-season porch that is designed to be attached but separate from their home. It is a great way to add another room to your home that can be used and enjoyed year-round. 

At Outdoor Solutions, Inc., we have built many different types of porches and additions for our clients, including the versatile four-season variety. If you want to add more living space to your home for relaxing or entertaining, consider the benefits of a four-season porch. View our porches gallery to get ideas on the options available or contact our team to discuss designing a new all-season porch for your home.