We remember families and loved ones this Memorial Day Weekend and we are forever grateful to those who fought, sacrificed, and to those who gave their lives to protect and defend our country. Nothing would be the same without those men and women who paid the price and we thank those who continue to serve in the Armed Forces and to the First Responders in our community and Nation. 

In 2020, many of us spent more time at home, skipping vacations and travel and investing in our homes and yards instead. In 2021, the trend of investing in our yards, decks, and patios as places to get away continues. Even with vaccinations underway (and hopefully lower COVID rates to follow), a return to “normal” will take some time. But with the right setup, any outdoor space can be an oasis, a place to relax and entertain ourselves, our family members, and our guests. Let’s look at some of the biggest outdoor living trends for 2021.

Front Yard Gathering Spots

While we typically spend more of our time, energy, and money on beautifying our backyards, the front yard is having a bit of a glow up this year. No longer is the front of the home only about curb appeal: The front porch or patio is becoming the new place to gather with friends and neighbors. Imagine a cozy nook with comfortable seating and a water feature, offering the perfect place to enjoy a chat over coffee or cocktails.

Gardens With a Purpose

Along with baking banana bread and hoarding toilet paper, one of the big trends of 2020 was gardening. It offered many of us a new hobby and a way to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and enjoy our yards more. That trend continues this year, but with a twist: the concept of planting a garden with purpose. 

These gardens can range from edible gardens full of vegetables and herbs to pollinator-friendly gardens that attract birds and butterflies. Cutting gardens are expected to make a comeback this year as well—garden beds filled with perennials and bulbs that can be enjoyed or gifted in bouquets. Just think: you could pop out to the back yard to cut a fresh bouquet of dahlias, zinnias, or peonies for the dinner table every night!

Outdoor Kitchens, Living Areas, and Offices

But our outdoor spaces are becoming more than a place to garden. Many homeowners are opting to bring a bit of the indoors outside, with outdoor kitchens, living and dining areas, and office spaces.

From a wood-fired oven to a full setup complete with prep space, sink, storage, and cooking elements, an outdoor kitchen gives you the chance to do some or all of your cooking outdoors. Many of us already enjoy grilling, but with a cooktop or oven, an outdoor kitchen offers you more versatility. This trend is ideal for the foodie or aspiring chef in your family.

Bringing the comforts of indoor living outside is on trend this year as well. Think outdoor living rooms with area rugs, beautiful lighting, cozy blankets, and comfortable furniture just perfect for lounging. Expect to see typical outdoor furniture being replaced with comfortable yet durable weatherproof furniture that doesn’t need to be covered in inclement weather. 

And for the remote worker in your life, extending their office space outside can make the work day much more enjoyable. WiFi extenders, USB ports, and easily accessible electrical outlets will be a game-changer for those who are working from home.

Heating and Lighting

Speaking of finding more ways to enjoy your outdoor spaces, adding heat and lighting to your space can give you more time outside. Adding warmth in the form of outdoor heaters, heat lamps, fire pits, and fireplaces will allow you to use your deck or patio earlier in the spring and further into the fall. In addition, landscape lighting not only highlights the beauty of your lawn, gardens, and home, it allows you to spend more hours of the day outside, from early morning coffee or yoga to late night drinks with friends.

Outdoor Entertainment

This year will see more forms of entertainment heading outside. With outdoor TVs, projectors, and bluetooth speakers, we can now watch the latest movie release, binge that hot new Netflix show, or enjoy our favorite music all while taking in the fresh air. And if entertaining friends and family is your style, adding an outdoor bar area to your patio will make your yard the place to be for neighborhood parties! 

Seamless Transitions From Indoor to Outdoor Spaces

The idea of bringing the indoors outside doesn’t stop at furniture and technology. To really feel a natural flow from your indoor spaces to your outdoor ones, it’s ideal to utilize the same style throughout. Make your outdoor spaces an extension of your home by using design, fabrics, and furniture similar to those you use inside. Using the same colors, textures, and style will bring your outdoor and indoor spaces together into a unified design.

Structures For Privacy and Protection From the Elements

As you begin to use your outdoor spaces more, you may find that you need to add a greater level of privacy from neighbors’ eyes or protection from the natural elements. Luckily, you have options:

  • Adding a pergola or pavilion to your space creates shade and increases your privacy. 
  • An accent wall can add both privacy and design interest. 
  • A mix of landscaping and hardscaping can give you the privacy and protection you need to relax, while beautifying your space at the same time. 
  • And if building a space you can enjoy all year long is your goal, a four-season porch may be just what you need.

What Outdoor Living Trends Are On Your Wish List?

Are any of these items on your to-do list for this spring and summer? If they are, we can help. Whether you want to build a new deck, or a screened porch to your home, Outdoor Solutions has the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right. Contact us today to discuss your options and get your new project on our calendar!