While the summer sun is shining, it’s easy and enjoyable to spend time on our decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces. But what about when the sun goes down?

Adding lighting to your deck creates a warm, welcoming ambience and makes your outdoor space safer to navigate after dark. It also allows you to extend the use of your deck during the shorter days of spring and fall.

These deck lighting ideas will help you transform your deck into a stylish, inviting space for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy long after the sun sets for the day.

Navigate Your Deck Safely With Lighting on Stairs, Railings, and Post Caps

One of the primary reasons to light up your deck is for improved safety. Adding light to deck stairs, railings, and post caps makes it safer for you, your family, and your guests to navigate your deck after dark. As an added plus, these lights also make for lovely accents to your deck space!

In-floor lighting is one option to improve the safety of your deck at night. In-floor lights are mounted into your deck’s surface and placed in the corners of your deck or near steps or seating to illuminate the way for safe movement.

Brighten Up Your Patio With Under-Deck Lighting

If your deck sits over a patio area, light up that space with pendant lights or an outdoor lighted ceiling fan hung from the underside of your deck. Or consider hanging a cluster of pendant lights to add a uniquely artistic feel to the space.

Positioning lights like this over an outdoor dining table creates an inviting space to gather with guests over a meal, nightcap, or outdoor game night!

Hang String Lights From Deck Structures For a Soft, Warm Glow

Among all of the deck lighting ideas out there, string lights are the go-to option for many homeowners because they are easy to install and complement almost any design. String lights create a sparkling, warm, and intimate ambience that accentuates the architectural elements of your deck.

For a fun, festive atmosphere, hang string lights from railings, beneath a deck umbrella, or from the rafters of a pergola. Choose from a variety of bulb sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your space. 

Don’t have a plug-in closeby? Try using battery- or solar-powered string lights!

Use Decorative Lanterns and Candles To Create An Intimate Glow

If you want the soft glow of string lights, but don’t like the look of wires on your deck during the day, another quick, inexpensive way to illuminate your deck area is with decorative lanterns or candles. Both look equally stylish at night and during daylight hours.

Portable and wireless (choose between battery- or solar-operated bulbs or candles), lanterns can be placed where you need lighting the most, and can be easily rearranged as needed.

Battery-powered candles (or traditional candles used with caution) add a uniquely intimate feel to your deck. Use a cluster of candles as your outdoor table’s centerpiece, or place them along railings for a soft glow around the perimeter of your deck.

Use Landscape Lighting To Highlight the Surrounding Area

Landscape lighting placed around your deck, gardens, and walkways help light up the area surrounding your deck. This adds a measure of safety, but also allows you to enjoy the beauty of your yard well after dark.

Highlight flower gardens, trees and shrubs, water features, or other landscaping elements with solar-powered lights placed to show off their beauty. Then sit back and enjoy the view from your seat on the deck!

We hope these deck lighting ideas spark your imagination and help you create a beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come! For more creative ideas for your outdoor spaces, take a look at our recent post on outdoor living trends for 2021!

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