Want a new deck, but dread the cost or time a rebuild will take? Consider a re-deck and re-rail!

You don’t always have to tear down your entire deck to get a fresh new look: in many cases, you can simply update the decking fascia and railing. This is called re-decking. While it’s not right for every deck, for many homeowners re-decking is the ideal way to get the deck refresh they’re looking for without a complete rebuild.

Read on to learn more about why you should consider a re-deck vs a complete deck rebuild, plus how to know if your deck is a good candidate.


What Is Re-Decking?

Re-decking involves replacing your decking, railings, and stairs while leaving the existing framing intact. It’s an efficient and simple way to enjoy the benefits of a brand new deck without the cost, labor, and time commitment involved in a complete teardown and rebuild.

This option is great for decks that need a little more attention than basic maintenance (such as staining and finishing), but are still structurally sound. It gives you a whole new look for your deck without the price tag of building new.


The Benefits of Re-Decking and Re-Railing 

Enjoy Your Deck Sooner

A re-decking project is much less time consuming than a full deck build, so you can be out on your deck enjoying the summer sun much more quickly. Because we don’t have to tear out and replace all the structural elements of your deck, we can get your new decking, railings, and stairs up in much less time than it would take to do a complete rebuild.

Save Money

Re-decking and re-railing is typically less expensive than a complete deck rebuild. When you don’t have to redo the structural components of the deck, your project will cost less, both in materials and labor. 

However, if the structure of your deck is older, a rebuild might be a more cost-effective option in the long run, as you’ll need to update the structural components sooner rather than later.

Less Stress on Your Lawn and Gardens

We’re always very careful to disturb your lawn and gardens as little as possible with any deck build. But since we don’t have to dig up your old supporting posts, doing a re-deck doesn’t require us to dig up your yard at all. 

Get a Whole New Look!

New decking and railings can completely change the look of your deck. In fact, railings make or break a deck. From wood or composite to glass or cable, you can choose from a wide variety of options depending on your style and needs. 

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You can also update your wood decking to low-maintenance composite, if you like. Or consider adding features like privacy screens or built-in seating. While your new decking may not match your framing, for most homeowners this isn’t a problem, as the framing is typically not visible.


How To Know If Your Deck Is a Good Candidate for a Re-Deck and Re-Rail

Your Deck’s Structure Is Solid

If the structural elements of your deck (footings, posts, and joists) are in good shape, up to code, and still have some years of life left in them, there’s no need to tear your whole deck down.

However, if your footings are too shallow, there’s rot or other damage to the structural components, the framing is old (approaching the 20-year mark), or your deck isn’t up to code, your deck isn’t a good candidate for a re-deck.

No Visible Rot, Mold, Mildew, or Other Damage

Similarly, if your deck shows no signs of mold, mildew, rot, pest infestation, or other damage, re-decking might be a good option for you. But if your deck feels soft to walk on, or if there are areas where the wood is punky or spongy, that can indicate rot and a need to rebuild your framing.

Your Deck Is Flashed Properly 

To do a re-deck, your deck’s flashing should also be in good shape and there should be no moisture issues with your home’s envelope. You should have intact flashing that extends behind your siding and across the top of the deck ledger, as well as behind the deck ledger at the bottom and over the siding. 

You’re Happy With the Size and Layout

If you like the size and layout of your current deck, re-decking is a good option. It allows you to change the look and feel of your deck without the hassle of a full rebuild. You can change up the color and style of your railings, stairs, and decking — essentially, you’ll have a brand new deck that’s supported by your existing framing.


Still not sure if a re-deck and re-rail is the right choice for you? The team at Outdoor Solutions can help you assess whether your deck is a good candidate for re-decking or if you’re better off with a complete deck rebuild. To explore whether re-decking is right for you, contact us today!