Here in Minnesota, we love lounging on a deck, don’t we? Some of the heartiest among us even use our decks year-round for winter grilling.

The benefits of adding a deck to your home are plentiful, and you may find it brings you and your family more enjoyment than you knew you were missing.

If you are working on your spring project list and are considering adding a deck—or replacing one that has seen better days—consider these benefits of having a deck on your home:

Decks Add Living Space

If you are frequently hosting parties, a deck expands your living space to host your guests. When you add a deck, you can throw open the doors and let the party overflow outside, rather than squeezing everyone in your kitchen and dining room. And even if parties are a rare occasion at your home, having an outdoor living room in the summer is a relaxing place to lounge.

Decks Are Inexpensive

When you consider the cost of adding space to your home, a deck is the least expensive way of going about it. For a fraction of the price of a home addition, you can add a beautiful enhancement to the exterior of your home.

Decks Can Be Built Quickly

Adding a deck provides almost-instant gratification because, depending on the size of the project, it may be able to be built in a week or less. And it is the one home remodeling project that does not disrupt the rest of your living space.

Decks Enhance the Appeal of Your Home

Decks aren’t only functional spaces, they look great, as well. A well-designed deck can offer architectural interest and tons of visual appeal to your home. And, with a variety of woods, stains, and composite materials available, you can select the materials that will complement the look of the rest of the finishes on your home, so it looks like it has always been there.

Decks Increase the Value of Your Home

With any home project, you want to ensure you will get a return on your investment should you choose to sell your home. Some estimates claim that decks return up to 75%, making a deck addition a win-win renovation. Not only are you adding living space to your home, but you are boosting the value of your home, as well.

With the warm months approaching, now is the time to consider adding a deck to your home to maximize your enjoyment. For design ideas, browse our collection of composite and cedar decks. Contact our team at Outdoor Solutions, Inc. for a free quote.